They are sitting by the water, pencil on paper, 46x37cm, 2023


Flower-Face-Orchid, oil on Canvas, 48x80cm, 2023


Cloudy-Edition, glazed ceramic cast, Edition:3, 2023



Ghost, glazed ceramic, 2023








Le rayon vert, oil on Canvas, 60x90cm, 2023


Hydromeda, Exhibition view, Galerie Bohai, Hannover, 2022


Hydromeda Screenshot, glazed ceramic, 33x24cm, 2022


Hydromeda, digital Painting/Video, 2021


o.T. digital painting, 2022


Arkadia, Exhibition view, Sony Center, Berlin, 2017


Arkadia, collaboration with Nikolaus Baumgarten, digital Painting/Video, 2015



Zentrum, Acryl on Canvas, 70x70cm/ CursorHome on Mirror, glazed ceramic, 2021


o.T., Acryl on canvas, 70x80cm, 2021


Hoch-/Tiefdruck, glazed ceramic, 2021


Moon, glazed ceramic, 2021


Welcome, oil on canvas, 120x100cm, 2021

Cursor Home, exhibition view, Open Doors, Artists Unlimited e.V. Bielefeld


CursorHome, digital drawing/Video, 2020


CursorHome, glazed ceramic, ca.20x15cm, 2020



Chess, glazed ceramic, 2022



Memorie, watercolor on paper, 30x27cm, 2020



Diamondbay, collaboration with Nikolaus Baumgarten, digital painting/Video, 2018




Treppenhaus mit Höhlen-Flair, glazed ceramic, 11×10,5x07cm, 2021


Manicure, fineliner on paper, 29,7×21,0cm, 2020